Take Two

Take Three: Bob Seger v Metallica v Bon Jovi

Bob Seger's Turn the Page didn't get onto the charts when he released it in 1973. But you surely know the live version that has since become a rock classic.

There have been a few covers over the years, most notably Metallica's 1998 version. And Bon Jovi performed a version live in Toronto on July 21. InMusic's Catherine was there because she's the biggest Bon Jovi fan in like, the world (so, my contract requires I write about Bon Jovi like once a week). And so here we post the three versions (yes, we're aware there are more but these are the ones we're posting).

And, natch, we want to know who did it better? Your thoughts?

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Take Two: Lynzie Kent vs Paramore vs Pixie Lott vs Kings of Leon

This is Lynzie Kent of Guelph, Ontario. Videos of her singing on YouTube have been viewed over 8.5 million times and this cover of Use Somebody was even twittered by the flibbertigibbet himself, Perez Hilton. She's developing a fanbase and is apparently currently writing/ recording with Jann Arden's producer Russell Broom.

The ballad Use Somebody was recorded by Kings of Leon in 2008 and has since been covered quite a few times. Featured below we've also got Paramore (live at the BBC), and Pixie Lott.

And so, it comes down to you. Who did it better, best or bestest?

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Take Two: Imogen Heap vs. Jason Derulo

So, this isn't new and it isn't a cover, exactly. But I couldn't find any exciting covers this week. So, thought it would be nice to post Imogen Heap's Hide and Seek alongside Jason Derulo's Watcha Say, just in case you never heard the original from which the sample was taken.

And ask, of course, so who do you think did it better?

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Take Two: Down with Webster vs Hall & Oates

This one is a few months old but what the heck, right?

Rich girl is a 1977 hit by Hall & Oates. According to my sources (Wikipedia) it's actually about a boy, the ex-boyfriend of Daryl Hall's then girlfriend Sara Allen (the subject of another hit, Sara Smile). But Hall explained that he couldn't say "rich boy" so he changed it."

Toronto hip hop group Down With Webster recorded what you might call a reimagining of the song, called Rich Girl$, for their 2009 album Time to Win, Vol. 1.

I have my definite favourite but I'm not saying. How about you? Who did it better?

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Take Two: Beck vs INXS

Sometimes we all like to get together with our friends and play a little music. In my house this consists of my husband playing the piano while a bunch of (perhaps tipsy) people stand around shouting half remembered words to Tom Waits or Journey tunes. In Beck's house it means getting your buddies together and recreating an entire album in a day -- on the fly, with no prior meeting or rehearsal.

Beck's Record Club project – which has featured Leslie Feist, Devandra Banhart and Jeff Tweedy, among others - has previously recorded covers of the Velvet Underground's The Velvet Underground & Nico, Skip Spence's Oar and Leonard Cohen's Songs Of Leonard Cohen.

For his most recent project, he got members of Liars, St. Vincent and Os Mutantes to redo INXS's 1987 classic Kick. I think this version of New Sensation should go on some indie coming-of-age movie soundtrack.

See both the original and the cover below. Who do you think did it better? (Song doesn't start in Beck video until 1:10)  Second video features the late Michael Hutchence.

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Take Two: Shakira vs Hot Chip

She Wolf is the sexy, synth-driven dance single off Shakira's third English-language studio album of the same name. The Spanish version is called Loba. It's about, obviously, a She Wolf, who is trapped in a closet and needs to be let out to breathe. Following trend, Shakira's voice was heavily, (and unnecessarily) Auto-tuned for the track. The video featured the Colombian Tamale writhing and contorting in a cage.

Now the hilarious dudes of Hot Chip (who are also responsible for this video, the best annihilation of a boy band you will see all day) have opted to do their own version of She Wolf. Natch. It sounds a wee bit Pet Shop Boys and the chorus is the best part.

Who do you think did it better?

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Take Two: Rihanna vs. Jamie Cullum

OK, this isn't exactly a new one, but we thought we'd post it anyway, just in case you haven't heard it.

Don't Stop the Music is a track off Rihanna's 2007 album Good Girl Gone Bad. The dance track samples Manu Dibango's 70s single, Soul Makossa, which was also used in Michael Jackson's Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'.

It was covered last fall by jazz-pop artist Jamie Cullum on his album The Pursuit. Cullem turned it into a piano heavy mellow groove.

In this case I have a definite favourite but I'm not telling which one it is. How about you? Who do you think did it better? See both versions below.

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Take Two: Jason Derulo vs. Alex Lacasse

In My Head is the second single off Jason Derulo's self titled debut album (Derulo is the guy who stepped into the Hot Young Singing Dancing R&B Guy spot vacated when Chris Brown beat the cuss out of Rihanna).

Alex Lacasse is a 17-year-old, piano playing, Canadian singer/songwriter. He has his own tracks, such as Like This, Like That, but he also likes to cover songs and has performed his own renditions of Gaga's Bad Romance, Ne Yo's Bad, K'Naan's Waving Flag and, you guessed it, Derulo's In My Head.

Here they are. Who did it better?


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