Shania Twain

Shania Twain's video surprise

Getty Images Shania Twain celebrated her 44th birthday by offering diehard fans some home movies of her recent travels in a video posted on her website.

The Canadian country star had earlier announced a pending "surprise" and there was a countdown on her website leading up to the video's release. 

The nearly 15 minute video features footage of Shania skydiving over Florida, skiing the Swiss alps, and visiting Lebanon, Spain, and London, all the while in the company of Fred Thiebaud, and at times accompanied by her son Eja and Thiebaud's daughter Johanna. In an accompanying letter Shania refers to Fred as "a dear friend and true gentleman."

Shania says that Fred, "has been the most constant companion of support for both Eja and me, and having gone through the suffering of his family splitting apart at the same time under the same extreme circumstances, he understood me better than anyone."

And she means the exact same time and exact same circumstances as Fred is, of course, the ex-husband of Marie-Anne Thiebaud, whose affair with Shania's husband of 14 years, Mutt Lange, led to the couple's high-profile divorce last year.

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Shania's ex not bothered by reports of new romance

Getty Images Shania Twain's allegedly philandering ex husband, producer Mutt Lang says it wouldn't bother him if Shania really were stepping out with his alleged mistress' ex. So says Starpulse

Shania and Mutt split, after she (allegedly) discovered he was getting down with the couple's secretary and manager of their Swiss estate, Marie-Anne Thiebaud.

"Thiebaud's husband, Frederick, joined the country star for a trip to New York last week, sparking reports the two hurt exes have formed a special friendship.

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