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Susan Boyle, now comes in Asian kid format

Taiwanese man who sings like Whitney Houston is the latest viral video sensation

People are asking if this kid is "the new Susan Boyle." Not because he's a Scottish, awkward, bawdily humoured old maid with a penchant for Andrew Lloyd Webber, but because he's supposed to be another example of the old trope, "You can't judge a book by its cover." That and he's the latest reality show sensation. Beyond that, similarities are vague at best.

Lin Yu-chun, a 24-year-old (23, according to some reports) shop worker, stunned the audience and judges on last Friday's broadcast of Taiwan's One Million Star show, when he sang Dolly Parton's I Will Always Love You in the style made famous by Whitney Houston.

And, wow. It's amazing. Also a bit creepy, if I'm honest. Something about a big belting female voice coming out of a portly Taiwanese dude is a little incongruous. 

CBS says that if Yu-chun wins the competition, he would earn $1 million and the chance to release his own album. Watch the video, then read more about Lin's journey below.

Click here for the full performance on YouTube

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Update: Thanks to a Chinese speaking person in our offices, we have a translation of this Mandarin interview:

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Adam Lambert disses Susan Boyle - bigtime

Getty Images Oh, that Adam Lambert. Making friends wherever he goes. The man who flipped the world the bird at the AMAs has insulted Susan Boyle, calling her album "terrible" and her cover of Wild Horses so "horrendous" it made him cry with laughter.

Adam expressed his opinion of the album that kept him off the top of the charts to Britain's Gay Times, saying, "I know, if only it weren't for Susan Boyle!" Then he said "I'm happy for her success, but that album is terrible. Wild Horses is the one that made me laugh the hardest. I just died when I heard it, I was crying with laughter. It was the most horrendous, sacrilegious treatment of that song!"

Really Adam? That's how you want to come across in the press? You want to gratuitously insult Britain's darling Susan – the woman who made the world cry and who, like yourself, was the favourite to win a talent contest but came in second. Interesting tactic.

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Susan Boyle collapses

Getty Images Susan Boyle collapsed at a London airport, according to Contact Music. This has sparked "fresh fears" about her health.

Apparently the Britain's Got Talent sensation was preparing to board a British Airways flight to Nice, France at Heathrow Airport when she fainted in the airline's Club Lounge.

"Boyle, 48, was attended by medics before she was given the all clear to fly. She later performed at the San Remo Festival, across the French border in Italy, as planned."

An onlooker told the Daily mail, "It was very dramatic. Susan's legs just gave way under her and she went down." A rep says she did faint because she was overheated but is fine.

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Is Pants on the Ground plagiarised?

Getty Images So, you know that Pants on the Ground song? The one that General Larry Platt performed for his Atlanta American Idol audition and that went crazy viral and that everyone is remixing? The one that Brett Favre covered in the locker room and that Jimmy Fallon dressed as Neil Young covered on SNL?

Well, it seems there's some question as to whether it's actually a Larry Platt original.

It seems a pair of Detroit men called The Green Brothers,got in touch with people at a local radio station to inform them of their 1996 recording Back Pockets on the Floor. The brothers say that the song has the same intent, idea and message of the General Larry Platt's 'POTG.'

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Heidi's record buyers must have run for the hills

Getty Images Heidi Montag's album is a colossal flop, shocking only Heidi.

I'm starting to feel just a wee bit sorry for Heidi Montag, whose debut album, reports inform me, sold under 1000 copies in it first week, with some reports coming in as low as 658. Ouch.

Heidi, who is famous for being on The Hills, for marrying Spencer Pratt, for (I just learned) "writing" a book called How to be Famous, and for getting a lot of plastic surgery, reportedly spent $2 million on the record, titled Superficial, leaving her broke. She, of course, believed it was going to be a huge success.

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Deserving 62-year-old gets his 15 minutes

General Larry Platt is the star of the week thanks to his awesome closing performance of Pants on the Ground on Wednesday night's American Idol.

Since his Atlanta audition aired, the 62-year-old General has, of course, become an overnight sensation with his own Facebook fan page (found via idolator) and remixes and covers of 'POTG' popping up all over the Internet. According to his official website, as of Thursday, he'd been invited to be a guest on the Danny Bonaduce Show and received "interview requests from Entertainment Weekly, USA Today, LA Times, Yahoo, and a ton of radio stations across the country." He also has an appearance coming up on Monday's The View and even got "a marriage proposal from a lady named Rose." (Take it Larry! It sounds like one of those best love stories ever.)

Other things we've learned: 

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Ke$ha's booze breath knocks Boyle out of top spot

Getty Images Ke$ha's debut album Animal has knocked Susan Boyle from her lofty pedestal at the top of the charts. Boyle held the top spot for a respectable six weeks but ultimately her collection of adult contemporary covers was no match for Ke$ha's party jams about brushing her teeth with a bottle of Jack.

The little alcoholic in short shorts has now set two records, one for digital downloads and now one for the biggest first week in SoundScan's history for an artist's debut album released in January…though that last one is a little iffy, don't you think? How much more can they narrow it down?

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Susan Boyle's album goes bestseller - 2 months before it comes out

Getty Images Susan Boyle is living the dream! Ha! See what I did there?

The Britain's Got Talent darling, who placed second despite -- or more likely because of -- an endless storm of media coverage, already has an album at number one on Amazon.com. And it hasn't even been released yet.

The AFP says Boyle's pending disc I Dreamed a Dream has, through pre-orders, staked the top spot on Amazon's list of bestselling CDs, beating out Whitney Houston's comeback, I Look to You and a remastered release of the Beatles' Abbey Road.

Whitney did debut at number one on the Billboard charts, though. I wouldn't have expected any less.

Still, she has been the subject of much scrutiny as everyone seems to be wondering if her voice is shot after a disappointing performance on Good Morning America. Whit blamed the not so great vocals on "too much talking" during an Oprah interview but alas, we're not fooled. We WANT Whitney to be awesome, don't we? We LOVE Whitney (And by "we" I guess I mean "me") but, after listening to the recorded verson of the single I Look To You one has to agree that it sounds like all that hard living has taken rather a toll on those once clear, powerful pipes.

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Simon Cowell bestows highest praise ever

Getty Images Simon Cowell offered what has got to be his highest praise yet to one lucky X Factor contestant.

The X Factor, in its sixth season, is the British equivalent of American Idol and the show on which Leona Lewis was discovered in 2006.

The caricaturally grumpy judge was clearly disenchanted with the quality of auditions thus far -- as the montage preceding the audition in question was clearly designed to illustrate -- until onto the stage stepped 27-year-old schoolteacher Danyl Johnson to sing The Beatles' (and Joe Cocker's) With a Little Help from My Friends and, at long last, there was a parting of the clouds.

Simon was blown away. He told Danyl, "I have been doing this for eight or nine years. Danyl, that was single-handedly the best first audition I have ever heard."


And wow. I mean, I'm not easily impressed OH LOOK A DOG IN A SWEATER!! Sorry, what was I saying? Right. I'm not easily impressed but that guy is really good. Sure, it's still glorified karaoke but it's some of the best glorified karaoke I have ever seen in my entire life.

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Robin Williams to portray Susan Boyle in biopic?

Getty Images If you were on a long drive this weekend, wiling away the hours by casting imaginary celebrity musician biopics and you picked Robin Williams to play Susan Boyle, your fellow travelers may have thought you were nuts but it turns out you're actually a visionary.

The UK's Daily Star reports that the funnyman slash serious actor is "being lined up to play Susan Boyle in a blockbuster movie of her life."

I'm intrigued by the use of the word "blockbuster" here, as it leads me to believe that the person reporting this story doesn't know what it actually means. Either that or Susan's backstory is way more exciting than I thought and involves, a flying house, aliens, robots, Nazi hunters and/or teenaged wizardry.

Anyway, even if the latter is the case, Robin Williams seems like an odd choice to play the 48-year-old church lady turned reality TV star. It must be a joke. It's a joke right? Right?

Sure, he starred in Mrs. Doubtfire in 1993, which was a grand success -- Robin played a divorced dad who disguises himself as a Scottish (just like Susan) housekeeper in order to infiltrate his family and keep an eye on his kids and, of course, his ex is totally fooled by her husband in a dress, which is really believable right? 

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