Perez Hilton

Miley calls Perez an "idiot" for posting maybe nude pic

Getty Images Perez Hilton has been taking some heat over the past few days for using his Twitter account to post what may or may not have been (but is rumoured to be) a panty-less picture of Miley Cyrus. The pic in question has been taken down but that hasn’t stopped people from talking about whether Perez should face child pornography charges, Miley being just 17.

Salon.com spoke with Jeffrey Douglas, a Los Angeles criminal defence attorney who specializes in child pornography cases and he said, “We’re not talking about a misdemeanor. You don’t have to know what the definition of the law is; all you have to do is knowingly distribute the photograph. Under the law, that is still a crime and it is punishable just the same [if it is an edited photo]. For instance, if you were to take the face of an 8-year-old and put that picture on the nude body of even an identifiable, fully developed adult porn star, it is child-porn punishable identical to if you took a photo of the actual child.”

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Perez Hilton gets his own record label

Getty Images It's happening. Perez Hilton is getting his own record label.

EW reports that the gossip blogger will be launching his own imprint with Warner Brothers "in the near future," and that he will announce his first signee by the end of this month.
I know. A lot of you are thinking "Jiminy. Like Perez Hilton should get more of ANYTHING except what Will.i.am gave him! What's this world coming to?" (You don't mean it, though, because we don't condone violence around here)

And many people will grumble about how this is a terrible idea and smirk at how the music industry is obviously one big complete idiot. But maybe they know what they're doing. Much as folks love to hate Perez, he has a huge audience, enjoys promoting artists he likes on his blog and he did help introduce artists Lady Gaga and Mika to the world. Just recently he raved about Halifax's Joel Plaskett, probably bringing the Maritime musician to the attention of many who would never have heard of him otherwise.

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Boom boom pow - the aftermath

Getty Images In the follow up to the will.i.am vs. Perez Hilton saga, The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) issued a statement condemning the gay blogger's use of an anti-gay slur.

As you probably know, at Sunday's MMVAs in Toronto, someone who was thought to be will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas went all boom boom pow on Perez's face after will asked Perez to stop ragging on his girl Fergie, and bloggers, journalists and media everywhere started milking the wordplay for all it was worth (and more!). The Peas' tour manager Liborio Molina later turned himself in to police.

(And while violence is never the answer, say no to drugs, stay in school and all that, is anyone really surprised? Or are we more surprised people don't punch Perez more often?)

In a video posted on his blog, a teary-eyed, pouting Perez Hilton, offered his side of the story, saying....

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