Cars reunion, anyone?

Getty Images The Cars may be revving up for a reunion, according to Rolling Stone.

The New Wave band split 23 years ago and any hope of a complete reunion was dashed with bassist/singer Benjamin Orr died of cancer in 2000. But RS says they've posted a pic on their official Facebook page, of the surviving members — singer Ric Ocasek, keyboardist Greg Hawkes, drummer David Robinson and guitarist Elliot Easton — gathered together in a Boston studio.

Hawkes told the Boston Globe, "I hate to be vague, but I really can't say. It's a crazy world." A link on the band's Facebook to a story about the reunion rumours is accompanied by the question "Anyone in the mood for a reunion by the Cars?"

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YES, Charice is joining the cast of Glee

PR Photos Charice IS joining the cast of Glee.

YouTube phenomenon Charice Pempengco is set to join the cast of the hit TV musical Glee, according to various internet reports that include sources Inquirer.net and Entertainment Weekly.

The Filipina pop star had recently denied rumours that she was joining the show. Now, it appears she's changed her mind, or been given leave to speak. One or the other. And suddenly everyone is talking.

Charice posted on her Twitter, "It's official. I'm on Glee (next season) but [there is] a story behind it. When d rumor came out, it wasn't true. But then after that, I tried to audition. And I made it! Let’s party!"

EW.com says that Charice is "signed, sealed, and delivered to recur next season as a foreign exchange student whose killer vocals get Rachel (Lea Michele) contemplating murder."

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Drake can't write without his Blackberry

Getty ImagesToronto rapper Drake talked about his writing process with MTV, for a documentay  titled "Drake: Better Than Good Enough" (airs June 23) and confirmed what some had begun to suspect.

Lil Wayne's protégé and the toast of hip hop town needs a smartphone to write his raps. "I can't write my raps on paper," Drake says. "The Blackberry keys — my thumbs were made for touching them." In a clip from the doc, Drake is seen in a recording booth, referencing his lyrics on said device.

"All Drake's raps for eternity have been written inside of a Blackberry," says producer and engineer Noah "40" Shebib. "I mean, to the point where if he doesn't have a Blackberry, we gotta go get somebody who's got one. I've had dummy Blackberrys around that I just pull out for him to write on, like if he needs one ... that don't actually even work!"

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Rapper Lil Boosie facing murder charges, possible death penalty

Lil Boosie Baton Rouge rapper Lil Boosie (real name Torrance Hatch), and two associates have been indicted on first-degree murder charges by a grand jury. According to Billboard, he may face the death penalty.

Hatch is already serving a four-year sentence for drug and gun possession.

The three men, one of whom is only 17 years old, are accused of involvement in the shooting of 35-year-old Terry Boyd in his own house in October. District attorney Hiler Moore reportedly stated that the killing appeared to have been "over turf" and that if Hatch is convicted the death penalty is not out of the question.

Billboard goes on to say that the same day, Hatch was also indicted on multiple drug and conspiracy charges for smuggling large amounts of codeine, ecstasy and marijuana into prison with intent to distribute. His girlfriend, a prison guard and a fellow inmate were charged as co-conspirators. Prosecutors also believe the 27-year-old Trill Entertainment rapper may have been involved in at least five other slayings.

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Lil Wayne avoids more jail time?

Getty Images Lil Wayne has struck a deal with Arizona prosecutors, meaning he'll probably avoid more jail time after he gets out of Riker's Island.

The rapper is serving a year for weapons charges in New York, while facing drug and weapon charges in Arizona. The Yuma Sun says he pleaded guilty to one count of possession on a dangerous drug. Inn exchange, charges of possession of a narcotic drug for sale, misconduct involving weapons and possession of drug paraphernalia, were dismissed. Wayne (real Name Dwayne Carter) appeared via video feed.

He is reportedly expected to get 36 months probation when he is sentenced on June 30. The probation will start after he gets out of Riker's.

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A Day in the Life Lyrics sell for over $1 million

Wikimedia Commons John Lennon's handwritten lyrics for A Day in the Life sold last week for $1.2 million, according to Rolling Stone.

The bid far exceeded a pre-auction estimate of $500,000 to $700,000.

RS says three buyers were vying for the piece of Beatles memorabilia at Sotheby's of New York, and the winner was an unidentified American who phoned in the $1.2 million bid.

Despite the impressive sum, A Day in the Life isn't the most expensive Beatles lyric sheet to sell at auction: In 2005, the hand-penned lyrics to All You Need is Love sold for $1.25 million.

The sheet was once the property of Beatles road manager Malcolm "Mal" Evans. One side bears a work in progress, with spelling errors and words crossed out. The other shows a more polished version, written in all capital letters, with a break in Lennon's lyrics where he anticipated Paul McCartney would add the "Woke up, fell out of bed…" bridge.

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Johnny Depp starts record label

PR Photos Johnny Depp just got even cooler, if that's possible. The actor, musician and sexiest man alive is starting his own record label, called Unison Music. According to the UK Sun, Depp and his staff have already started scouting for talent.

An A&R team member was recently spotted checking out bands at London's Monarch. A source said, "Johnny has always been passionate about music. He's taking a really hands-on approach to signing acts.

"Obviously he can't get to as many gigs as he would like but he's got a good team around him and will personally vet any signings that they make."

Johnny started playing guitar at age 12, and dropped out of high school to pursue dreams of rock stardom, which obviously fell by the wayside in favour of a movie career. He continues to play, however. He has a band called P with Butthole Surfers singer Gibby Haynes and Chili Pepper bassist Flea. He has also recorded with Oasis and Shane McGowan and played guitar on the soundtracks of Chocolat and Once Upon a Time in Mexico.

Bon Jovi parts ways with manager

PR Photos Jon Bon Jovi has parted ways with his longtime manager, Jack Rovner, according to the New York Post.

Depending on whose version you believe, either Jon and his good buddy Jack enjoyed an amicable parting of ways and will remain the best of friends -- or Jack got the axe after a number of screw ups.

The Post's Page Six says Rovner and his Vector Management were blamed for problems with $1,000 VIP concert tickets sold on the band's tour for their latest album, "The Circle." The pricey tickets were supposed to include a meet-and-greet and photo with Bon Jovi, but fans have been complaining they never got what they paid for. 

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Depeche Mode: The Musical!

PR Photos Following in the footsteps of ABBA, Queen and, most recently, Green Day, Depeche Mode is taking its back catalogue to the stage.

The NME says the play, called Playing The Angel, is set to open early next year in Malta. And you know what they say, today Malta, tomorrow, the world. Or, at least the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. That's the plan, anyway.

Playing the Angel will apparently feature a somewhat controversial storyline. "Depeche Mode are not ABBA or Queen," writer Adrian Buckle told The Times Of Malta. "The story can't be a happy one. It is a story of two boys growing up, coming of age and discovering love. They are abused, used, taken advantage of. It's their sad way of discovering life."

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Katy Perry banned straight guys from video shoot

Katy Perry2 Girls and gay men only please.

Katy Perry got naked for her latest video California Gurls, which takes place in the mythical land/boardgame of "Candyfornia." She's seen wearing various edible (looking) outfits throughout the clip and, at times, she's also seen sporting nothing at all (except a wig), and lying on a cotton candy cloud (the best kind).

To keep things in check, Katy told MTV that straight men were banned from the shoot. Only girls and gay men were allowed.

"The cotton-candy clouds! I am a little bit naked," she said. "I was naked. And, hi, Mom! Hi, Dad!

"It was really fun to do. We had to do like a closed set because we didn't want anyone seeing anything. You weren't allowed unless you were a girl or you're gay; I think that's probably like the standard for all girlfriends. Anyways, I was really excited to do something like this and really nervous. But it turned out [OK]."

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