Jonas Brothers

Joe Jonas going solo

Getty Images They used to be in the news all the time but lately nobody talks about the Jonas Brothers. Does anybody care? Is it that Bieber kid who stole all their teen heartthrob thunder?

Oh Fame, you are a fickle beast.

Well, if you do care, Joe Jonas has announced plans to release a solo album.

Like his brother Nick before him, 20-year-old Joe is branching out from his sibling trio to record his own material.

"There's nothing to hide," Joe told Just Jared. "We're just waiting for the right timing. There's a lot of Jonas stuff going on this year, so once there's a place for that record, we'll release it. You'll hear a lot of new music from us."

Nick's band, Nick Jonas and The Administration, released its debut album last year to very tepid reviews – despite the fact that The Adminstration boasts members of Prince's New Power Generation.

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Nick Jonas for president?

Getty Images Nick Jonas has dreams of becoming president.

The plucky young outspokenly virgin lad apparently aspires to avoid the more unfortunate fates potentially awaiting teen pop stars – descent into alcoholism and drug addiction followed by a stint on the reality TV circuit and the inevitable comeback attempt.

Reuters reports that the16-year-old who, despite being the youngest Jonas Brother, writes most of their songs, spoke on Monday to a sold-out crowd at the National Press Club, a venue often reserved for presidents, kings, chief executives and other assorted grown-ups. Nick is the second youngest guest to ever address a National Press Club luncheon (I've been trying to find out who the youngest is). He was there to talk about raising awareness and funding for juvenile diabetes, a disease he was diagnosed with in 2005.

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Joe Jonas is kind of a petty ex-boyfriend

Getty Images Did Joe Jonas reference/diss Taylor Swift on stage in Tulsa Oklahoma? That's the question MTV is asking.

The brothers are about a month into a sold-out tour.

It seems that at one point, in Tulsa, Joe changed the lyrics in the song Much Better -- already rumoured to be about Joe's ex, Taylor -- from "Now I'm done with superstars" to "Now I'm done with country stars." Ooh.

But he's not talking about it, telling MTV, "What happens onstage stays onstage."

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A Jonas Brother gets engaged

Getty Images I thought I heard screaming this morning. What was that sound? It was the sound of a million teenage girls wailing in lament.

A Jonas Brother has gotten engaged.

People reports that Kevin Jonas, 21, has asked his girlfriend Danielle Deleasa, 22, to marry him. Apparently Kevin surprised Danielle, a former hairdresser, by showing up at her doorstep in New Jersey early Wednesday morning and dropping down on one knee to proffer a cushion-cut diamond ring that he helped design with Jacob & Co.,

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Miley Cyrus/Nick Jonas break-up track is for real. Scandal?

Getty Images Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus have, indeed, recorded a break-up song. It has been confirmed.

Oh my God you guys, could this have something to do with Miley and her underwear model boyfriend Justin Gaston breaking up?

The track, Before the Storm, was leaked on line over the weekend but fans apparently had a hard time believing the former teen power couple (seen here in allegedly happier times), who split last year, would record a track together.

But tween magazine Twist says it's true. They spoke to Nick who said, "There's two versions of the song basically, one that was written just for our record that we sang originally. And then I played it for Miley and we realized that if we just changed the lyrics a bit, we could make it more of our story, kind of share that side of us, and it could be great. So, we did. She came in and she and I sat down at the piano and just worked on lyrics a bit, tweaked it up, and it turned out great!"

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Joe Jonas disses ex Taylor Swift

Getty Images Joe Jonas has hit back at his ex Taylor Swift on the brothers' new single Paranoid, which sounds nothing like the Black Sabbath song of the same name though it does indicate that Joe is finished with his woman (please note the clever reference to Sabbath lyrics…OK, not that clever. Whatever). Nor does it sound like Kanye's track, also of said title.

You might be aware that Taylor wrote about her heartbreak over Joe -- who she says broke up with her in a 27-second phone call -- on the track Forever and Always. Sample lyrics: "Was I out of line/did I say something way too honest/that made you run and hide like a scared little boy/I looked into your eyes/thought I knew you for a minute/now I'm not so sure."

Starpulse says Joe has retaliated with the new single, which references an ex-girlfriend, and is believed to be a maybe-not-so-subtle dig at Taylor.

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Jonas brother dreams of being Johnny Depp

Getty Images Joe Jonas dreams of being the next Johnny Depp. Or, not exactly, but it makes for pithy headlines.

What the Jonas brother did say was that he'd like to do some more acting. After his performance in the movie Camp Rock was nominated for a Golden Globe (Kidding. Obviously. And I just learned that Johnny himself has only won one Golden Globe, and no Academy Awards. I thought there would be more than that), JJ wants to do more acting.

Joe, 19, told Seventeen Magazine, "I would love to do more acting, maybe movies -- that would be really cool. I think Johnny Depp's work is really great -- he always incorporates music into what he does."

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