Jim Morrison

What Jim Morrison might have looked like now

Getty Images Jim Morrison would have turned 65 years old on December 8.

In honour of the occasion, or perhaps because they simply had nothing better to do after a few single malts, Scottish researchers have used the latest technology to create a computer-generated image of the Doors frontman, who died in 1971 at the age of 27, showing what he would have looked like today. If he were still alive, of course.

The Press Association says the image, put together by the University of St. Andrews' perception laboratory, "shows the singer as a greying pensioner, with familiar piercing eyes." (kind of a fanciful description if you ask me)

The team used an image of Morrison in his mid-20s as a starting point and used aging software. See it here.

"It is hoped the software being developed at the lab could be used for assisting with missing person inquiries, particularly those who have not been seen for many years."

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