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Caption This Alice Cooper pic

Caption This

Welcome to this week's Caption This! contest. See last week's winner here.

The subjects: Alice Cooper and a slightly larger than life sized model of his own head. They look kind of like they could be doing some sort of Abbott and Costello style routine. You know, like,

Alice: Did you see that? A bunch of cows!
Head: Herd.
A: What?
H: Cow herd!
A: Cow heard what?
H: Not heard what! Cow herd! Herd of cows!
A: Certainly, I’ve heard of cows, you dope!
H: This is stupid. Why would there be cows at the Sonisphere Festival?
A: I'm just trying to demonstrate some sort of wordplay, a homophone.
H: Don't call me a homophone. I love Clay Aiken.
A: I said homophone, not homophobe. Don't lose your head over it.


OK. Your turn. Or, you know, write whatever you want. Doesn't have to be dialogue. The winner will be posted on Monday August 9. You get your name and caption POSTED RIGHT ON THIS BLOG! I know, right? Must be your lucky day.

Get to it.


Alice Cooper
<<Your caption goes here! The winner will be posted August 9th!!!>>


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Caption This! winner. Yay Frankie!

Caption This

Thanks to everyone who came out to play Caption This! last week. We wish you could all be winners but, unfortunately, there can only be one, which means the rest of you are losers.

This week's winner is Frankie. His or her caption is below. Congratulations Frankie. Go do something nice for yourself. You deserve it. Even better, get someone to do something nice for you. It's extra fun if you can trick them into it. Heh.

The rest of you can head over here and caption this week's pic.

American Idol Trio "You're right! I definitely smell strawberries."


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Caption this Randy Jackson sandwich pic

Welcome to this week's Caption This! contest. Thanks for coming out. See last week's winner here.

The subjects, American Idol judges Kara DioGuardi and Randy Jackson (Dawg), along with former American Idol judge Paula Abdul. They are at the Do Something Awards and it's a Dawg sandwich as Paula and Kara (bffs?) appear to be whispering to each other. What are they saying? What's Randy saying? Are they plotting? Making lunch plans? TELL ME!!!! I can't stand now knowing!

The winning caption will be posted August 3 because Monday is a holiday. Your caption and name will be posted on this blog! It's the best thing ever! Like winning a Tony award but without being in a stage play, or getting an actual award. True, there will be no opportunities to give a speech to Broadway's elite, but on the bright side you don't have to learn any choreography. So it evens out. Now get to it! Caption awaaaaaaaaay!

American Idol Trio

Your caption goes here!! The winner will be posted August 3rd!!!
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Caption This! winner. Congratulations Adam!

Thanks everyone for entering last week's Caption This! contest. We have a winner! And it is Adam, which for some reason sounds like a CIA code name to me. Agent Adam's caption is below. Congratulations Adam! The crowd goes wild!

For the record, anyone who even remotely dissed Billy Gibbons was immediately disqualified. He's in ZZ FREAKING TOP! Where's YOUR legendary rock status? Also disqualified was anything pervy or fart related. 

Keep those notes in mind while heading over here to caption this week's pic. Without further ado...

Taylor and Billy

I heard if you squint into the beard long enough, you can see a unicorn.

Caption This Taylor Swift Pic


Caption This Brick

Welcome to this week's Caption This! contest. See last week's winner here.

Your subject is Taylor Swift meeting Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top. I am going to assume that this is their first meeting and that he's not actually, you know, and old family friend or her godfather or something. Oh, and Faith Hill is here too – wife of Tim McGraw, the subject of one of Taylor's early songs. They are at Nashville Rising, a benefit for flood relief of June 22.  

So, what are they talking about? What's Taylor thinking? What's Billy wearing on his head? What's going on? Where am I? Who said that? Who are you? What are you doing here?! Shhhh! They're coming. Quick! Caption the pic. The winner will be posted on July 25. 

Taylor and Billy

<<Your caption goes here!! The winner will be posted July 26!!>>

Caption this winner! Congratulations Glenn!

Thanks for entering last week's caption contest. The winner is Glenn, I imagine the same Glenn who has won twice before. Man, dude, you should make a living out of this. I too would like a wax figure of Tony Bennett in every room of my house. Who wouldn't?

Without further ado, here's the winning caption. Now head over here and caption this week's pic.

Amy Winehouse and Tony Bennett  This Wax Figure is so life like.. I need one for every room in my house!

Caption This Amy Winehouse pic

Welcome to this week's Caption This! contest. I know you've been waiting for this all week. See the previous winner here.

The subjects: Iconic crooner Tony Bennett and neo soul artist Amy Winehouse, a.k.a. "Troubled Singer" in the merciless and relentless media. They are at the after show party for Tony's concert at Royal Albert Hall on July 1, 2010 in London, England. And she is both a) touching him and b) telling him something. But what? WHAT? Is it the meaning of life, the universe and everything? The egg salad recipe from What's Up Tiger Lily? What Meatloaf wouldn't do for love?

I don't know! Let's make it up! Or, you know, whatever. Maybe you want to tell us what Tony is saying/thinking. Maybe you just want to randomly caption in a surreal fish/telephone pole-like manner. It's up to you. Knock yourselves out.

The winning caption will be posted on this blog on Monday, July 12. You'll be famous!!! It's like being a movie star, but without actually being in a movie, or being a star. But other than that it's exactly the same. It also requires comparatively little effort. Now get to it. 

Amy Winehouse and Tony Bennett

   <<Your caption goes here!! The winner will be posted July 12!!>>

Caption This! winner. Congratulations Tbird

Thanks for entering last week's Caption This! contest. The winner is Tbird. Congrats dude. Grab your Pink Lady and head on down to the Frosty Palace, then maybe over to the drive in. Don't get stranded, though, or branded a fool. What will they say Monday at school? (If you didn't get that right away, you've NO CLAIM to the name "Tbird." Got that?) Second place goes to whatastory!!! for the UFC references.

Tbird's caption is below. Now keep talking, whoa keep talking. We're burning up the quarter mile. So, let's head on over here to caption this week's pic or no graduation day for you. Wipe off that angel face and go back to high school.

Getty Images Did you not get the memo? The shoes for today are purple! Now get out of here with those white kicks that was last Friday..

and from whatastory!!! (Heh)

Fedor Emelianenko loses again!

Caption This Justin Bieber pic

Caption This Brick

Hi all and welcome to this week's Caption This! contest. See last week's winner here.

OK. This week's subject is the one and only Justin Bieber. It is last Thursday and he is on stage at the Sun National Bank Center on June 24, 2010 in Trenton, New Jersey. He is also delivering a (rather impressive, we must admit) kick to another person who happens to also be on the stage. Why? Who is this person? It's probably a dancer but maybe not, right? We weren't there. How do we know? Maybe it's some guy who jumped on stage to steal the Bieb's thunder and the Bieb is showing him what's what. Maybe Bieb is mad that the guy showed up wearing the same pants as him. You tell ME. Now get to captioning.

The winner will get his or her caption posted on this blog! It's superawesome! Yeah! Get to it.

Bieb Kick<<Your caption goes here!! The winner will be posted July 5!!>> 

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Posted by Elizabeth Bromstein

Caption This! winner. Congratulations mojo.

Caption This Brick

Thanks to everyone who participated in last week's Caption This! contest. We have a winner and his or her name is mojo. Congratulations mojo. Your caption is posted below. You made me laugh out loud because when I was little I totally believed that if you ate watermelon seeds a watermelon would grow inside you. I also believed that there were spider in bananas that could crawl up your nose and lay eggs inside your brain - that's what my brother told me - and up until five years ago I thought the Boston Tea Party was a tea party. My point? I'm gullible and don't know anything about anything. But this isn't about me. It's about YOU! Go do something nice for yourself, mojo, and pretend I did it for you.* Not too nice. It's just a caption contest, after all.

Now everyone head over here and caption this week's pic.

*This contest actually has no prizes and we do nothing for you.

John Mayer and Mike Sorrentino I told you not to eat those watermelon seeds

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