Life in Eurovision! This year's winner and a look back.

Getty Images The winner of the 55th annual Eurovision song contest was named over the weekend. 19-year-old Lena Meyer-Landrut from Germany took home the prize with the song Satellite, written by Danish songwriter/producer John Gordon and American singer-songwriter Julie. According to Billboard, the song spent 10 weeks on Billboard's European Hot 100 Singles chart, prior to winning the contest.

It's not much of a big deal around these parts but in Europe (natch) the Eurovision Song Contest is HUGE. It's get over a hundred million viewers a year or something like that. All for songs you will likely never hear in North America. The winner is at the bottom…

But first let's look at a few performances from years past, just to get a sense of how utterly weird that show is. That's not the winner in the picture, by the way. That's Malta's entry, Thea Garret. I chose it because I think the greaspainted guy in tights and giant wings really represents the spirit of the thing.

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Lily Allen wins three Ivor Novellos, wants to write for Lady Gaga now

Getty Images Lily Allen scored a hat trick at the Ivor Novello Awards this week, taking home two prizes for The Fear and one for Songwriter of the Year, which she shared with Greg Kurstin.

The Ivors are prizes for songwriting and composition and are just about as hip, weird and British as an award can get. The list of winners through history reads like the Concert at the End of the Universe. Madonna, Clannad, The Spice Girls, Iron Maiden, Madness, Bryan Adams, Fatboy Slim, David Bowie, Duran Duran and Amy Winehouse? I would totally pay to see that while sipping pangalactic garbleblasters, as long as Madge had to play with Maiden, Clannad and Slim, all at the same time. God, I love the British. See also: The Mighty Boosh, Absolutely Fabulous, The Young Ones and Ricky Gervais.

A number of high-profile artists were also honoured at this year's ceremony, including Johnny Marr, with the Inspiration Award; Paul Weller, with the Lifetime Achievement Award; Neil Sedaka, with the Special International Award and Sir Tim Rice, with a fellowship at the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors.

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Juno Award Highlights - How well did we do on our predictions?


Check out what happened at the Junos!

It's time for my Juno Award predictions! Hurray. I know you're all waiting for my official word before placing your bets in the office Juno pool. So, let's get this show on the road.

Once again, it is my duty to remind you that I possess no psychic powers whatsoever. I have no crystal ball and cannot actually see the future. Despite this handicap, my predictions for both the Grammy and People's Choice winners came out at a whopping 50% accuracy rate. Also, I once won $60 at the horse races. How's that for credentials?

Also, unlike, say, the Grammys -- which are chosen by a simple voting process -- the Juno winners are determined in a ridiculously complex manner. The system is an amazing example of the Canadian spirit, probably decided upon in endless committee meetings paid for with your tax dollars. Some of the category winners are determined by jury, others by voting members of the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS), others by the CARAS board and others by a combination thereof – while some but not all categories factor in sales (again, unlike the Grammys, which are supposed to be uninfluenced by sales or chart performance).

Juno Awards 

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So, without further ado…here's what I think will happen in some of the recognizable categories:

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Canadians at the Grammys!

Getty Images It's a weird thing about Canadians but we tend to puff up with pride whenever we see another Canadian on screen, in the news or otherwise doing well. We think that residing in or having some connection to the same 10 million square kilometres or so makes us family or something and that somehow when they excel it reflects positively on ourselves.

"Oh look!" We say whenever we see a Canadian in a movie, like Mike Myers, "He's Canadian!" (Except when we saw The Love Guru. Then we were like "What? No-ho! He's not with us. Never seen that guy before in our lives...) Like it matters.

When Leonard Cohen gets a lifetime achievement award, it's like WE'RE getting a lifetime achievement award. Even if we've never met him, or actually ever achieved anything ourselves. It's an AWESOME deal.  

And so, we are taking stock of the Canadian presence at the Grammys this year. Let's pat ourselves on the back people. We totally deserve it.

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