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Caption this Randy Jackson sandwich pic

Welcome to this week's Caption This! contest. Thanks for coming out. See last week's winner here.

The subjects, American Idol judges Kara DioGuardi and Randy Jackson (Dawg), along with former American Idol judge Paula Abdul. They are at the Do Something Awards and it's a Dawg sandwich as Paula and Kara (bffs?) appear to be whispering to each other. What are they saying? What's Randy saying? Are they plotting? Making lunch plans? TELL ME!!!! I can't stand now knowing!

The winning caption will be posted August 3 because Monday is a holiday. Your caption and name will be posted on this blog! It's the best thing ever! Like winning a Tony award but without being in a stage play, or getting an actual award. True, there will be no opportunities to give a speech to Broadway's elite, but on the bright side you don't have to learn any choreography. So it evens out. Now get to it! Caption awaaaaaaaaay!

American Idol Trio

Your caption goes here!! The winner will be posted August 3rd!!!
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Bret Michaels to replace Simon Cowell on Idol?

Bret Michaels It was a rough 2010 for Bret Michaels, with two major health scares landing him in hospital. But things may be turning around for the Poison frontman. First he was named the winner of Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice, and now word is that he may step in to replace Simon Cowell on American Idol.

Bret appeared on the show finale, singing Every Rose Has Its Thorn (my favourite karaoke sing!) with second runner up (it's a nice way of saying third placer) Casey James. And, apparently, he told the crowd, "I can't say this is true yet, cause I don't know. Next year they asked me to possibly be the judge on American Idol."

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Deserving 62-year-old gets his 15 minutes

General Larry Platt is the star of the week thanks to his awesome closing performance of Pants on the Ground on Wednesday night's American Idol.

Since his Atlanta audition aired, the 62-year-old General has, of course, become an overnight sensation with his own Facebook fan page (found via idolator) and remixes and covers of 'POTG' popping up all over the Internet. According to his official website, as of Thursday, he'd been invited to be a guest on the Danny Bonaduce Show and received "interview requests from Entertainment Weekly, USA Today, LA Times, Yahoo, and a ton of radio stations across the country." He also has an appearance coming up on Monday's The View and even got "a marriage proposal from a lady named Rose." (Take it Larry! It sounds like one of those best love stories ever.)

Other things we've learned: 

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Crazy church group protests Adam Lambert, gayness

Getty Images Starpulse says Adam Lambert was targeted by anti-gay demonstrators outside an American Idol concert in San Jose, California on Sunday.

Members of the Westboro Baptist Church were allegedly seen protesting outside the HP Pavilion at San Jose, holding signs -- perhaps reading "GOD HATES FAGS," since that's basically their slogan – and chanting (again, maybe "GOD HATES FAGS!").

The WBC was founded in 1955 by creepy proud hatemongerer Fred Phelps. His equally if not more creepy, rabid-dog-eyed, crazy lady of a daughter Shirley Phelps-Roper is the church's most outspoken member. The group blames homosexuality for almost all of the world's ills such as terrorism and natural disasters. They believe that every time a homosexual comes out of the closet, a soldier dies in Iraq, or something like that, and are known for picketing the funerals of dead soldiers with signs reading "Thank God For Dead Soldiers" and "Pray for More Dead Soldiers."

Depending on the event, other WBC signs might read, "Fags Die God Laughs," "Thank God For 9/11," "You're Going to Hell" and "God Hates You." 

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American Idol is ever so cruel

American Idol EXPLAINED! They mess with the contestants' minds. But you knew that already. Really, you did.

Posted By Elizabeth Bromstein

American Idol auditions for next season are well underway. And people are blogging about their experiences. You can even learn something.

Almost every year I get sucked into watching American Idol and almost every year I am flummoxed, flummoxed I tell you, by the number of terrible singers who trundle in thinking that they are AMAZING only to make complete fools of themselves and look totally shocked when the judges tell them they're terrible. Sometimes the looks on their faces are enough to break your heart.

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Did AT&T sway American Idol results?

Getty Images In what is turning out to be a bizarre campaign to keep the American Idol "upset" story alive, The New York Times has reported that "AT&T May Have Swayed 'Idol' Results." Reps from AT&T, the only mobile phone network that can be used to cast Idol votes via text message, apparently provided free text-messaging services at two Arkansas parties after the final performance episode of Idol last week.

The Times says,

"Representatives of AT&T helped fans of Mr. Allen at the two Arkansas events by providing instructions on how to send 10 or more text messages at the press of a single button, known as power texts. Power texts have an exponentially greater effect on voting than do single text messages or calls to the show's toll-free phone lines. The efforts appear to run afoul of American Idol voting rules in two ways. The show broadcasts an on-screen statement at the end of each episode warning that blocks of votes cast using 'technical enhancements' that unfairly influence the outcome of voting can be thrown out."

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American Idol - it's not whether you win or lose

Getty Images Oh my goodness, it's the most shocking music news since Janet Jackson's nipple. Kris Allen beat out Adam Lambert to win American Idol. And the nation reeled.

Adam, of the emo glam fashion sense but musical theatre style vocal sensibility, was the clear favourite to win this thing, certainly the darling of the judges, who pretty much wet themselves every time he turned a perfectly good rock song into an over-the-top, Andrew Lloyd Webber style extravaganza of runs and wailing.

America, however, didn't feel the same way. When push came to shove, and Adam was pitted against the lower key Kris Allen, subtlety came out ahead. Or so it would seem.
The press and online commenters are scrambling to explain the supposedly incomprehensible upset. For example:

America forgot to vote!

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Slash to mentor on American Idol rock week

Getty ImagesIn your update on all things Slash, look forward to the ex Guns N Roses guitarist mentoring contestants on American Idol this coming Tuesday.
Previous mentors have included Barry Manilow, Mariah Carey, Neil Diamond, Dolly Parton and Jon Bon Jovi.

Slash wrote on his MySpace page

"Hey all, as you may or may not know, the producers for American Idol have asked me to be the mentor for "Rock Week" next week. I was reluctant at 1st, but they offered me the freedom to do it however I wanted.
More importantly, there are a few singers this year who are really impressive. Its the 1st time any AI line-up has really caught my attention.
The approach I'm taking is different than usual on the show, & I'm going to make this as Rock & Roll an American Idol as possible, wish me luck!"

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Workers sue Idol producers

Getty Images Think working on American Idol is all glitz, glamour and giggling at Paula's insane ramblings? Well, you would be wrong. Apparently it's hell. Well, probably not if you're Ryan Seacrest. That looks like a pretty sweet gig. But the lower downs on the totem pole…and now are we all picturing the American Idol totem pole, with Simon on top, then the rest of the judges, then the winners….maybe with Taylor Hicks at the bottom with a "What did I do to deserve this mockery? I just wanna rock the soul patrol!" look carved on his face?

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