50 Cent

50 Cent dropped out of Stallone movie, was not fired. OK?

Getty Images 50 Cent will not be starring in the new Sly Stallone movie, and it is because of musical commitments and not angry bloggers.

It seems Forest Whitaker was slated for the role (prompting one message board poster to wonder if there is "only one black actor in Hollywood") of Hale Caesar in the inadvertently aptly titled The Expendables, but had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts when shooting was pushed back a month. So Sly cast Fif in Fo's place.

Angry bloggers then took to their keyboards to complain -- Idolator called 50 a "running pop cultural joke" -- and days later Sly recast former San Diego charger Terry Crews in the role. Online reports were that 50 was dropped.


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