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Mary J. Blige breaks record with scent sales

Getty Images This is surprising to me but apparently a lot of people want to smell like Mary J. Blige.

I've never been a fan of Mary's. I don't have anything against her per se, but she's just always sort of flown under my radar as I don't much like her voice or her music and don't find her particularly interesting in any way. I'm also very worried about the Nina Simone biopic in which Mary is going to play the soul legend. But hopefully she'll pull it off. (Also, and sort of apropos of nothing, I always mistype her name as "Bilge" then have to go back and correct it)

So, Mary's fame is always sort of startling to me as I feel like I'm forever being reminded that she even exists. And it's like, OH...WHO? But this woman is REALLY popular with other people. And now People magazine's Stylewatch says she launched her debut scent to record-shattering sales. Mary launched the fragrance, called "My Life" on the Home Shopping Network (video below) and sold $60,000 bottles in six hours, breaking the record previously held by Sean "Puff Daddy Puffy P. Diddy Just Plain Diddy" Combs and his "I Am King" cologne (says theboombox.com).

Mary's Life smells like gardenia petal, bartlett pear, tuberose, jasmine and cashmere woods. It was selling for $46 rather than its standard $55 purchase price.

During her sales pitch Mary talked about healing and courage and how her intentions are to do "good…and that's what I did the fragrance….if this can help, I believe it will."

Huh. What about you? Do you want to smell like Mary J. Blige's life?


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