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Keys & Beatz get married. Bless their hearts. With pics!

Alleged homewrecker Alicia Keys and alleged deadbeat dad Swizz Beatz tied the knot over the weekend. Isn't it romantic?

They were wed by famous self help guy Deepak Chopra on the island of Corsica. Some outlets say Queen Latifah, Bono and Tommy Hillfiger were there while the Los Angeles Times says it ain't so.

The lucky Alicia is six months pregnant. Beatz has three other baby mamas, one of whom he previously married but left alone with an infant after allegedly having a year-long affair with Alicia. Mashonda Tifrere famously wrote an open letter to her love rival at the time, pointing out that she and Beatz were still the married parents of two children and asking Alicia to step aside (she didn't). Then there's the daughter he apparently has with producer/musician Jahna Sebastien, to whom he allegedly stopped paying child support last year. According to this website, he allegedly fathered that kid while he was married to Mashonda but without telling Jahna he had a wife.

All the best to the happy couple!

These pics are from AliciaKeysWeb.com, which has been temporarily shut down due to traffic overload.

Alicia Swizz 1 
Alicia Swizz 2 
Alicia Swizz 3

Alicia Swizz 4
Alicia Swizz 5

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