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August 2010

Enrique Iglesias Waterskis Naked. Finally.

So, remember, like ages ago, when Enrique Iglesias promised he'd get naked and water ski if Spain won the world cup, which they did? Well, he did it. But in secret because local authorities (in Miami, I think) threatened to arrest him on public nudity chagrges. Aw. I know. Bummer. Sorry…

But…TMZ was there! Of course. See what I did? How I made you think you weren't going to get Enrique Iglesias waterskiing naked when you actually are? Sort of. The footage so grainy it's totally safe for work and, really, that could be anyone.

is a man of his word -- 'cause dude just got naked and busted out the water skis to satisfy a bet he made regarding the World Cup ... and lucky for you ... we got it all on tape!

Sources apparently told TMZ Enrique did the naked run just a few days ago ... "at the end of July" saying he wanted to do it because, "A bet is a bet."

See the video here.


On the Record Radar: Shontelle


According to her bio, Shontelle, of Barbados, attended "Cadets" camp, where she served as drill sergeant over a newcomer named Rihanna. "She was a good cadet, though there was one occasion when I had to make her drop and give me ten push-ups. We laugh about it now. I think she's forgiven me," she says.

Fast forward, Rihanna is a superstar and Shontelle may be a star in the making. Last year she got a little attention from the track T-Shirt. This is Impossible, her new ballad.

Like it?

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Lollapalooza coverage! InMusic arrives in Chicago.

Getty Images Hey kids. Three lucky InMusic peeps got to head out to music festival Lollapalooza in Chicago. They'll be keeping us updated over the next few days. So stay tuned for their coverage.

From Dylan:

After a 4:30am wakeup call, a mandatory Tim Hortons pit stop, and a 9 hour drive, we've arrived in Chicago, Illinois for what promises to be one of the year's biggest concert festivals. Since 1991, Lollapalooza has played host to some of music's biggest and baddest bands, and the 2010 show is set to continue the trend.

With a list of artists that boasts Lady Gaga, Green Day, Jay Z, the Arcade Fire and more, the Lollapalooza posters that line the stifling summer streets of Chicago read like a who's who of today's music industry. This is the dream team of concert lineups and I'm going to be there, cheering them on with double devil horns and hoarse expletives. It's been a while since I've seen a festival lineup good enough to make me want to DROP absurd amounts of dollars, but I've got a good feeling about this one

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Mary J. Blige breaks record with scent sales

Getty Images This is surprising to me but apparently a lot of people want to smell like Mary J. Blige.

I've never been a fan of Mary's. I don't have anything against her per se, but she's just always sort of flown under my radar as I don't much like her voice or her music and don't find her particularly interesting in any way. I'm also very worried about the Nina Simone biopic in which Mary is going to play the soul legend. But hopefully she'll pull it off. (Also, and sort of apropos of nothing, I always mistype her name as "Bilge" then have to go back and correct it)

So, Mary's fame is always sort of startling to me as I feel like I'm forever being reminded that she even exists. And it's like, OH...WHO? But this woman is REALLY popular with other people. And now People magazine's Stylewatch says she launched her debut scent to record-shattering sales. Mary launched the fragrance, called "My Life" on the Home Shopping Network (video below) and sold $60,000 bottles in six hours, breaking the record previously held by Sean "Puff Daddy Puffy P. Diddy Just Plain Diddy" Combs and his "I Am King" cologne (says theboombox.com).

Mary's Life smells like gardenia petal, bartlett pear, tuberose, jasmine and cashmere woods. It was selling for $46 rather than its standard $55 purchase price.

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Caption This Alice Cooper pic

Caption This

Welcome to this week's Caption This! contest. See last week's winner here.

The subjects: Alice Cooper and a slightly larger than life sized model of his own head. They look kind of like they could be doing some sort of Abbott and Costello style routine. You know, like,

Alice: Did you see that? A bunch of cows!
Head: Herd.
A: What?
H: Cow herd!
A: Cow heard what?
H: Not heard what! Cow herd! Herd of cows!
A: Certainly, I’ve heard of cows, you dope!
H: This is stupid. Why would there be cows at the Sonisphere Festival?
A: I'm just trying to demonstrate some sort of wordplay, a homophone.
H: Don't call me a homophone. I love Clay Aiken.
A: I said homophone, not homophobe. Don't lose your head over it.


OK. Your turn. Or, you know, write whatever you want. Doesn't have to be dialogue. The winner will be posted on Monday August 9. You get your name and caption POSTED RIGHT ON THIS BLOG! I know, right? Must be your lucky day.

Get to it.


Alice Cooper
<<Your caption goes here! The winner will be posted August 9th!!!>>


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Caption This! winner. Yay Frankie!

Caption This

Thanks to everyone who came out to play Caption This! last week. We wish you could all be winners but, unfortunately, there can only be one, which means the rest of you are losers.

This week's winner is Frankie. His or her caption is below. Congratulations Frankie. Go do something nice for yourself. You deserve it. Even better, get someone to do something nice for you. It's extra fun if you can trick them into it. Heh.

The rest of you can head over here and caption this week's pic.

American Idol Trio "You're right! I definitely smell strawberries."


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Keys & Beatz get married. Bless their hearts. With pics!

Alleged homewrecker Alicia Keys and alleged deadbeat dad Swizz Beatz tied the knot over the weekend. Isn't it romantic?

They were wed by famous self help guy Deepak Chopra on the island of Corsica. Some outlets say Queen Latifah, Bono and Tommy Hillfiger were there while the Los Angeles Times says it ain't so.

The lucky Alicia is six months pregnant. Beatz has three other baby mamas, one of whom he previously married but left alone with an infant after allegedly having a year-long affair with Alicia. Mashonda Tifrere famously wrote an open letter to her love rival at the time, pointing out that she and Beatz were still the married parents of two children and asking Alicia to step aside (she didn't). Then there's the daughter he apparently has with producer/musician Jahna Sebastien, to whom he allegedly stopped paying child support last year. According to this website, he allegedly fathered that kid while he was married to Mashonda but without telling Jahna he had a wife.

All the best to the happy couple!

These pics are from AliciaKeysWeb.com, which has been temporarily shut down due to traffic overload.

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