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Shaq serenades The Bieb

Getty Images Found this via Billboard. Shaquille O'Neal, who is apparently a big fan of Justin Bieber, and who recently tweeted "I was at a justin bieber concert he had dat mug jumpin 50 thousand people dat kids a star, and I got his autograph thanks Justin," decided to serenade the Bieb before a concert in Glendale, Arizona.

Billboard says The Bieb "will be a guest on the second season of his Shaq vs. Shaquille O'Neal NBC reality show as the two compete in a dance showdown. Shaq also awarded Bieber with four Teen Choice Awards on Sunday (July 24)"

So...it's a good thing Shaq can play ball cuz he's not much of a singer. It's cute though. Video below.


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Mr F. says:
Post: 1:27 PM on 30.07.2010

Shaq serenading an Ontarian? Could he be lobbying for a job with the raptors? Meh. Who cares? P.S. "Shaq vs" is on ABC.


Not a Fan says:
Post: 1:41 AM on 31.07.2010

Justin will suck on his noodle for awhile.He's not done been weaned yet

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