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Rihanna plans Katy's "wild" bachelorette

Getty Images If you're wondering about the plans for Katy Perry's bachelorette party (and who ISN'T, right?), Rihanna, KP's bff says the thing is going to be "wild" because Katy is "wild."

Riri, who is tasked with planning the thing, told Access Hollywood "I could have balloons and Disney characters there and she'll still make it 'wild.'"

I assume by "wild" she means "girls kissing girls for attention wild" and not "drugs, hookers, gambling and naked late night Capture the Flag wild." Still, Riri is feeling the heat. She says, "It's so much pressure. Her wedding is probably gonna be the best wedding I've ever been to and now I have to match the bachelorette party to that."

Here's more of the interview.

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