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Fans: Kings should have sucked it up and played through the poop

Getty Images If you can't stand the pigeon poop you're not rocking hard enough, according to some Kings Of Leon fans.

Some people are apparently disappointed in the band after they abandoned a gig because they were being pelted with pigeon droppings from the rafters.

The group walked offstage in St Louis, Missouri at the weekend (July 23) after they were showered in excrement and one bird almost pooped in bassist Jared's mouth. And the NME says some people have contacted them to complain that unwillingness to stand in pigeon crap does not rock.

"What the f*ck happened to real rock stars?" moaned someone named Rgusto. "The fuggin' Sex Pistols would played extra long in these conditions just because!"

Stickyfingeredboy added, "What the fuck is happening to rock 'n' roll? Give me the old Kings Of Leon any day, I'm sure they remember the good old days back in Tennessee when they got more than pigeon sh*t chucked at them!"

Kings Of Leon drummer Nathan Followill responded, "You may enjoy being sh*t on, but we don't."

The New York government website (I assume pigeons are about the same across North America) says there are three diseases associated with pigeon poop: Histoplasmosis, which can cause infection, fatigue, fever and chest pains; Cryptococcosis, with which "It is very unlikely that healthy people will become infected even at high levels of exposure;" and Psittacosis a bacterial disease is characterized by: fatigue, fever, headache, rash, chills, and sometimes pneumonia. "Since 1996, fewer than 50 confirmed cases were reported in the United States annually."

The gripes continue over on YouTube where in the comments section of the video posted below, someone has typed, "I can reassure you if my job meant as much to as many people as that of supposed rock idols, then yes you could sh*t all over our matching leather jackets and floppy haircuts."

So, what say you? Should the Kings of Leon have stayed on stage and sucked it up? Do you have a price for which YOU would stand under a flock of pooping pigeons? Here's video of the show:


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shrek says:
Post: 7:59 PM on 27.07.2010

it's all well and good to make cracks about the band and laugh at them, but they were right to stop the show. It is no joke dealing with filthy pigeons crapping all over the place. I am going through something similar in my apartment building, right now. People think they are cute and that it is humane to feed them, it's not, when you share a building with other people, we have to be considerate and aware. We never feed them and they are on our balcony day in and day out. The managing company has sent notices around asking people to please do not feed them. To no avail. So I feel bad for Kings of leon, whoever they are. I'm sure all the commenters out there would feel differently if this had happened to them.


NotaFan says:
Post: 5:04 PM on 28.07.2010

To shrek: The difference is you still live there and pay to live there, where as Kings of Leon are getting paid. The point of the article is that modern rock stars are turning into Kelly Clarkson type divas and it wasn't pigeon crap, and say.....tears of a swan, chances are they would still walk off stage. If it were Ozzy Osbourne on stage I think we all know what would happen. The least they coulda done is whip out their pink Hello Kitty umbrellas and finished the show.


Me says:
Post: 9:52 AM on 29.07.2010

Well said NotaFan..My thoughts exactly...Kings of leon need to stop acting little girls and play like rockstars. What will be the next excuse? cant play guitar with a broken nail?


MsRedhotskittle1 says:
Post: 4:44 PM on 13.08.2010

Dude are you guys kidding me????? No rock stars in their right mind would enjoy standing and playing a concert in pigeon s*@t. Besides they a grrrrreat live and playing in pigeon s*@t would disctact them from putting on a good show soooo...I don't think it's fair cause they would of got critized either way for cancelling a show or not playing 100%


Candicebecky says:
Post: 10:25 AM on 06.11.2010

^_^MyGoodBag ^_^ with all fashion stuff

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