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Caption this Randy Jackson sandwich pic

Welcome to this week's Caption This! contest. Thanks for coming out. See last week's winner here.

The subjects, American Idol judges Kara DioGuardi and Randy Jackson (Dawg), along with former American Idol judge Paula Abdul. They are at the Do Something Awards and it's a Dawg sandwich as Paula and Kara (bffs?) appear to be whispering to each other. What are they saying? What's Randy saying? Are they plotting? Making lunch plans? TELL ME!!!! I can't stand now knowing!

The winning caption will be posted August 3 because Monday is a holiday. Your caption and name will be posted on this blog! It's the best thing ever! Like winning a Tony award but without being in a stage play, or getting an actual award. True, there will be no opportunities to give a speech to Broadway's elite, but on the bright side you don't have to learn any choreography. So it evens out. Now get to it! Caption awaaaaaaaaay!

American Idol Trio

Your caption goes here!! The winner will be posted August 3rd!!!
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Zack says:
Post: 7:29 AM on 27.07.2010

What the hell is that in her ear?


Jonathan says:
Post: 10:17 AM on 27.07.2010

Bringing back the long forgotten game of broken telephone.


marvilous says:
Post: 8:59 PM on 27.07.2010

What exactly is in on her face????


Mike says:
Post: 12:13 AM on 28.07.2010

Hey Paula, didn't you do some pics for Bon Jovi in the 80's


Frankie says:
Post: 1:40 AM on 28.07.2010

'You're right! I definitely smell strawberries."


Joh says:
Post: 6:00 AM on 28.07.2010

Believe me Kara, he's all talk, no action !


Pat says:
Post: 6:12 AM on 28.07.2010

Hey Randy! Can ya hear me NOW??


Johnnie Walker says:
Post: 10:50 AM on 28.07.2010

Hmmm... so this is what it's like to sit in the middle!


Chris says:
Post: 11:04 AM on 28.07.2010

If I keep them looking up, maybe they won't see my camel toe


Cruise says:
Post: 12:35 PM on 28.07.2010

Randy thinks to himself " Hey, I guess this Axe cologne really does work"


Cruise says:
Post: 12:40 PM on 28.07.2010

Thank goodness Ellen wasn't close by.


jStock says:
Post: 1:01 PM on 28.07.2010

I am the luckyest man on the planet take that Simon!


Sue says:
Post: 4:41 PM on 28.07.2010

C'mon Randy, who has softer skin? Me or Paula?


Cheryl says:
Post: 1:00 PM on 30.07.2010

Randy whispers to Paula, "When you whisper into Kara's ear, it comes out the other ear and I can hear what you are saying!"


Mark says:
Post: 1:21 PM on 30.07.2010

Alright ladies, you know what to do...


Marvin Gardens says:
Post: 1:48 PM on 30.07.2010

I see it but dont believe it, Kara.. how did you get your tongue stuck in Paula's ear?


Frank Davidson says:
Post: 2:00 PM on 30.07.2010

Dog Pound Anyone!!


Mona says:
Post: 2:23 PM on 30.07.2010

Now THAT'S a reverse Oreo!


topcat says:
Post: 3:30 PM on 30.07.2010

"Like I said Kara, you lie down with the dawgs and you wake up with fleas"


argh says:
Post: 8:06 PM on 30.07.2010

There can be only one.


AliCat666 says:
Post: 11:24 PM on 30.07.2010

WHOA!!! Ladies, There is enought Randy to go around!


AliCat666 says:
Post: 11:25 PM on 30.07.2010

DAWG! You look like a DOG!


AliCat666 says:
Post: 11:26 PM on 30.07.2010

Kara says - "Hey Dog!"
Randy - "It's spelt DAWG not DOG!"


AliCat666 says:
Post: 11:27 PM on 30.07.2010

Come a little closer ladies...This dawg don't have fleas!


RUTH says:
Post: 12:20 AM on 31.07.2010

I kissed a dawg and I liked it.

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