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Bon Jovi pics are shocking! Shocking!

Getty Images Well, this ain't no bed of roses. Some guy named Rich Bozzett is giving love a bad name with pics of what looks like Jon Bon Jovi having one wild night and…I was going to try to write this whole first paragraph in Bon Jovi song titles but it's too hard…so moving right along…

Bon Jovi's former tour manager Rich Bozzett, who claims he was stiffed for millions of bucks by the Star's then manager, has written a memoir, Sex, Drugs and Bon Jovi, out July 27. And he has released a collection of what are supposed to be scandalous pics along with it.

Despite the fact that a) it was the eighties b) Jon Bon Jovi was 22-years-old and c) the pics were staged, the press (and only the press, really) is making a big deal over some orgy-esque pics featuring Jon in bed with some scantily clad women. The photos were taken during the 1985 "7800º Fahrenheit" tour.

A New York Post writer who has obviously never heard of the album titled Slippery When Wet, writes "the picture is hardly the portrait you'd expect of America's squeaky-clean rocker.

"But, then again, America was never supposed to see it." Yes. Despite the fact that it was a publicity shot.

Some are reporting that Jon is mad about the pictures but that seems kind of unlikely. You can see them here. I'm not posting them because I'm expected to err on the side of family friendliness at all times.(Warning: NSFW or kids)

A spokesperson reportedly shrugged the whole thing off, saying: "This is an outtake of a photo shoot. Everyone should be so lucky at 22 years old."

The pics were apparently taken by photographer Ross Marino and Bozzett says they were all but forgotten until Marino's death three years later.

"A panic-stricken Jon Bon Jovi immediately called up Doc [McGhee, his manager] to tell him that we needed to track down the pictures as soon as possible," Bozzett writes.

Again, not to drive a point home too hard but YES, I'M SO SURE BON JOVI THE ROCK STAR WAS PANIC STRICKEN OVER PUBLICITY PICTURES OF HIMSELF IN BED WITH A BUNCH OF WOMEN. (And I'm sure his wife, who he married 4 years after the shoot, is equally shocked and needed smelling salts). As for the accusations of ripping Bozzett off, and whatever else might be in the book, that's another story, I guess. 

The Post says, "Bozzett, now a general contractor living on the Upper West Side, found the photos but was fired by McGhee and was denied his share of the band, he claims. So he pocketed the negatives.

"Bon Jovi 'asked me to please destroy the negatives,' Bozzett told The Post. He didn't, but kept them in a safety-deposit box until last year, when he decided to write the book.

"'I like Jon. I love him,' Bozzett said. 'I don't want to hurt his fans or his children. It's about helping other people out there who have been mistreated like I was.'"

Ah, yes. The altruistic tell all.


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