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Bieb gets his own comic book

Getty Images Justin Bieber is getting his own comic book. When I first heard this I thought he was getting turned into a superhero or something but no. Apparently Bluewater Productions plans to tell the Eenie Meenie star's "life story" for its "Fame" series of biographical comics.

Bluewater's website says "Bieber certainly has a story worth telling. He's a self-made star who used technology and social networking to promote himself and his music. He also happens to make music that's undeniably infectious."

Wow! Technology and social networking? OMG! Will there be TWEETING TOO? And, let's not forget 14 years growing up in Stratford Ontario! Riveting.

It's not exactly leaping tall buildings in a single bound. But where there are tweens there's a market for Bieber. For now.

Justin "joins Lady Gaga and Twilight star Robert Pattinson, both of whose Fame issues sold out of their first runs, along with Taylor Lautner and soccer star David Beckham. Two new issues of Fame come out this month featuring Kristen Stewart and Taylor Swift."

FAME: Justin Bieber will hit comic book shops and online retailers in October. The 32-page issue will retail for $3.99.

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Jim says:
Post: 5:28 PM on 28.07.2010



The Hippy says:
Post: 5:48 PM on 28.07.2010

A Waste of good paper


Sue says:
Post: 10:42 PM on 28.07.2010

Make him go away.............


jenniy says:
Post: 10:11 AM on 29.07.2010

boring not cool need new good comics


Shania says:
Post: 11:10 AM on 29.07.2010

Can't wait for that to come out!!! Justin Bieber all the way !! i love him!!! :D <3


miss. says:
Post: 2:42 PM on 29.07.2010



Candicebecky says:
Post: 10:25 AM on 06.11.2010

^_^MyGoodBag ^_^ with all fashion stuff

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